10 Benefits of Walking for good Health. Know it

Walking sport have countless human health effects. Many may think that it is of little importance when compared with other sports. However, that is wrong. Walking also has its benefits on the health of the body.

1.Reduce heart disease
Walking helps to stimulate blood circulation, thus it helps the heart in its function of pumping blood throughout the body.
2. Maintain body weight
Walking helps burn excess calories, so the body maintains a healthy weight.
Reduce stress and anxiety
Exercise generally stimulates the secretion of the hormone androfen, which is responsible for pain relief, so walking also has the same role !.
4. Increase the activity rate
Stimulates walking as we have previously said the blood circulation, thus feeling the body’s lightness and thickness. Walking generally expels idle and lazy body.
5. Health of the lungs

Regular walking strengthens lung health, thus enhancing its performance, through proper inhalation of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide.
6. Exposure to sunlight
Sun rays have no benefits for human health, for example stimulates vitamin D production. So the walk is a good opportunity to exposure to the sun.
7 – Sleeping with joy
As we said earlier that walking promotes the secretion of the hormone androfen, which is responsible for reducing tension, and therefore a great potential for the secretion of the sleep hormone, known as melatonin, produced by the pineal gland, the basic sleep.
8. Reduces diabetes and blood pressure
Activates walking blood circulation, thus helping the body to get rid of excess calories that can lead to diabetes. It also seeks the heart to pump blood to the arteries.
9. Increase creativity
Feeling good overall stimulates creativity and a sense of psychological comfort. Sport in all its forms increases its owner’s rush, and does not fear the new challenges.
10. Strengthening the immune system
All of the aforementioned positive effects have a direct impact on the body’s immunity against diseases, and therefore it is advisable to exercise regularly

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