5 Cases in which Divorce is the Solution .. Know it

In this article we will give you 5 cases where divorce is the only solution to the marital problems that flounder.
Partner addiction
All kinds of addiction, gambling, alcohol, drugs, sex, except if the partner is looking for a solution to a problem with all sincerity, and trying in different ways, get rid of addiction, engage in a program to treat addiction, otherwise, it is better for you to leave, An addicted person often leads to legal and material problems, emotional exhaustion, and destruction of children, because children tend to believe they are the cause of bad behavior.
Subjected to physical assault
In both cases, divorce is the only solution in order to escape being subjected to repeated assault, because the aggressor often does not stop this act but tends to repeat it, even After stopping for a certain period.
One party wants children while the other refuses
If a woman wants to have children while the husband refuses, none of you will be happy in this marriage relationship, the only way to successful marriage as “Huemer Winans” is about seeing what the family is up to you.
There is a betrayal without remorse
Marriage should not be terminated immediately after treason. At least, the problem that led to this act must be investigated. Rachel A. Sussman says that it is different whether treason is merely a transient event or a secret relationship between parties. Is the relationship purely physical? An emotional bond of some kind?
According to the competent marital relationship, if the absence of signs of honesty in remorse at the partner and the real desire to reform things and not to repeat it, divorce remains the only solution.
Exhaustion of all other options
One of the parties may cling to the marital relationship to the fullest extent, but in some cases, after all the efforts and attempts, the person reaches the stage of collapse, and the person must wait until the greatest damage and the greatest rift occur. Everyone is affected emotionally, psychologically and materially. , The partner should consider the divorce option as a logical option to end the problem