5 things are a red line for women and refuses to interfere with men in whatever happens

Successful marital life is based on partnership and openness on all matters, but there must be some personal space for both parties that the other may not exceed and intervene in them. There are things that the wife refuses to abandon her husband because that is not true and because she is the only one that has the right to dispose of it, and this does not mean of course that she hides something about him but her personal space and only refuses to interfere with her husband. From these things we find the following:
1 – Family and Family Relationships: In purely family matters related to sisters, brothers and parents, there may be some problems. Here we find two kinds of wives, one that tells the husband what is happening and all the problems, and another that refuses to tell any details in order to beautify the family image in front of the husband. She finds her husband telling her husband about her family problems. Here, the wife has the right to do so and to take any decision concerning her family is not valid for her husband to reject it, for example if a problem occurred in her home, the husband should not refuse to go to her family’s home in times of distress or when the need of her family.
2 – If the wife obtains a salary, her husband should not be entitled to impose on her to pay from her salary on the things he is responsible for. If men participate in the financial burden of the house, it is more generous than it is, and it is not a duty, and men are not entitled to spend by coercion and oppression.
3 – If the wife has some money and wanted to support and help financially her husband is not entitled to refuse this man, especially if you work or have some of the money available by her husband in her bank account. It is the person who controls her material things, but the taste that the husband supports her family if it is necessary to do so in honor of them that fit that family and entered it.

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