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5 things the poor do and the rich never do, see them and learn from them

At “Atlanticnews” we always strive to help you and your advancement in society, not only that which is just myself, but even what is practical and pragmatic.
Access to wealth and wealth is still the focus of our studies and research, here are some very important articles on this subject:
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In addition to the above, we will monitor some of the things and habits that the poor do and the rich avoid:
Number one :
The poor get money for hours of work.
Rich people get money based on results.
Number two :
Poor people blame others for their misfortunes.
The rich are responsible for their failure.
The poor always have a ready-made reason to take the mistake, they may take responsibility for the economy, the government, the manager, the parents, the city where they live, or friends …
This is never done by the rich. They bear all their responsibilities, which is what power earns them, the power of change.
Number three:
The poor focus on savings.
The rich are focused on investing.
number four :
The poor think they know everything.
The rich are constantly learning.
The poor are very skeptical, do not change their views over time, whether they support specific politicians or parties, or support specific attitudes and beliefs.
The rich, on the contrary, always change their views.
Number Five:
The poor watch television and follow new artists.
The rich read the books.
How many books have you read this year? The rich do not waste time on television, on YouTube or on social networking sites, and even if they watch television and watch specific clips on the Internet, they certainly do not watch the news of singers and actors And their new.
Generally, the rich read books and find bookkeeping and reading great fun beyond television and telephone.
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