6 Great Signs that you are in Love .. Does it apply to you?

In this topic we will show the biggest signs that mean that man is in love,
If you love a woman you are:
1) Think about it every day:
One of the big signs that you mean in love is that you often think about it, and find its image jump to your mind for no apparent reason, and always wonder whether it thinks of you equally,
You may think of contacting her or communicating with her in another way, but she often avoids it; for fear of being overly enthusiastic.
If you are thinking about it before you fall asleep, and remember it when you wake up, you are actually in love with it, (I do not need to continue reading the article to make sure)
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2) Interested in the things you want that girl:
Falling in love means caring a lot and being keen to know what that girl wants, so that you will find yourself interested in her everyday life, whether practical, study or other, and is keen to know her personality and what makes her angry and laugh …
3) Do not see in her sin a defect:
When you love a woman you often become obsessed with her madness and do not see some of her actions as a defect. She may say things and do things that make her different from the rest of the people, but you love them, even though you do not know why.
4) Develop yourself, for it:
You want to know the opinion of the person you like about your personality, your clothes, the kind of perfume you use, etc., take this view seriously, and always try to develop yourself;
5) Do not become you other priorities:
You tend to do your work at times of your own leisure until you devote yourself to it, and its dates interrupt you the rest of your plans throughout the week, because you put it at the top of the list of priorities.
6) Reduce yourself:
Despite your confidence in yourself and your sense of excellence and strength and intelligence and attractiveness, but you narrow yourself next to them, and you see the features are not in you, and marvel at their actions and ideas,
If you notice these signs, it’s not just admiration, it’s pure love

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