7 Questions If you Have Always Asked Yourself and Answered Honestly, You Will Change Your Life For The Better

At the end of each day, the stage of self-reflection comes, at this stage, in the face of your conscience alone, and no barriers between you. During these moments, questions must be asked, which achieve internal clarity and self-awareness through self-questioning. Seven questions may contribute to changing your lifestyle.
01 – What things you did well?
Asking a positive question, the best thing you can start with, can make it easier to get into self-criticism, and honestly it’s hard to answer honestly.
02 – What things could I have done better?
Go back and choose the things that occur to you, such as the mistakes you made in studying, working, not committing to the time of early digestion, analyzing things, and accepting that you made these mistakes, a good start, in order to achieve evolution.
03. Why some tasks were challenging?
During work or study, some tasks can be a difficult challenge for you, or as in the difficulty of sleeping, (Question 2). After accepting the deficiency, the problem-solving process begins.
04. I have become closer to achieving my goals in life.
This question reminds us that no matter what small things we do, it is important, sometimes, that we dig a little deeper to see the results.
05 . What things do I enjoy?
When you think, knowing why you feel in a certain way is very important, in fact, if you feel in a certain way towards something specific, you may reveal yourself more.
06. What was the greatest waste of time?
Explore things that cause you boredom to the point that you always postpone them, doing other things, actually knowing what you like or dislikes will help you succeed.
07 – What made me feel accomplished and fulfilled?
When you ask this question, try to focus on things that give you a sense of achievement for a long time, not a sense of rapid reform, such as changing your home lighting. These brief achievements, such as sugar, are sweet but melt quickly. Only by answering this question can you find new ways to achieve yourself. , And your great sense of accomplishment.

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