8 Qualities that all Women agree are the most Attractive in men, Discovered

Beauty is not exclusive to women. There are some men who think that the interest in looking at the skin and the attention is on the women only ignore these things, but the fact requires men to take care and attention to their elegance and their bodies and the use of some skin care products. Of course the charm of femininity is special, but masculinity is also characterized and characterized by many qualities. We give you in the details of this subject 8 aesthetic measures in men agreed by all women:
Full Hair:
The female class is divided between half the love of the man with the full hair as the density of hair over the old history was indicative of the strength of muscle muscle and firmness, and half of the likes of men who shave their hair or heads of bald heads because they consider this status of masculinity and distinguish them from females and reflect the sexual difference between them And between women.
Sports Body:
The athletic body indicates the good health of the man. The woman loves the harmonious body more than the symmetry of the face, and loves the muscular, strong-bodied, broad-chested man who also tends to the V-shaped body.
Shoulder and chest are wide and arms are muscled:
Women assert that the muscular muscles at the shoulder level are masculine qualities that excite them, as they tend to the broad body that extends up to the upper hips. In addition to the growth of hair in the chest area and armpit raises them as well.
Small mouth and tender eyes:
If these two qualities are found in a man, the woman considers him compassionate and compassionate because those traits are indicative of emotion. Unlike the man who, if these features are found in the female, he sees it as a form and not as a sign of an attribute. It should be noted that women prefer the color of dark eyes on the light color because the latter reflects a childlike appearance, which is not suitable for men.

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