8 Reasons Why People are Afraid of Separation even Though Love is Nonexistent

The separation of all his qualities, whether divorce or only parting between his love is always the last option resorted to by the parties after the impossibility of continuing the relationship as it is, and the inability to stay together, but sometimes find some people themselves are unable to make a decision to secede For several reasons.
01. Lack of self-esteem
Psychologists claim that a person who is unaware of his or her merits is unconsciously ready to deal with abuse. These people really think they do not deserve love.
02 – Age
There are still stereotypical precepts prevalent in society that say life ends after forty and it is impossible to find true love at that age.
Fear of loneliness is the reason why many couples prefer to stay together, but sociologists argue that personal life can be settled at any age, and also find true love at any age.
03. Physical obstacles
A study concluded that financial obstacles prevent about 20% of people from seeking divorce. According to the same research, the target group in the research, which exceeded 2000 couples, stated that they were not planning divorce if there was no financial independence for them.

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