8 Secret Facts About Men Unknown to 85% Of Women

According to some studies on male behavior and behavior, these 8 secret facts about men are unknown to 85% of women:
1. Men generally forget negative attitudes faster than women, and do not spend too much time discussing them like women.
2. About 70% of men do not pay attention to signs of emotion and do not understand the language of the body, and may not notice the signs of sadness and panic on the face of women, so experts always advise women to say frankness clearly in front of men.
3. More than half of men are embarrassed to express their feelings towards a particular woman despite their love for her, and some may resort to expressing such feelings in a practical way such as giving gifts.
4. Men take more time than women to cope with the nature of the marital relationship, but they have a high ability to abide by the duties of marriage even away from feelings.
5. Men generally think about sex more than women four times and may make it the most important axis in most of their talk, while most talk of women about marital problems only.
6. Most men prefer to participate in practical activities .. as sports or physical activities or even “intimacy” more than to share feelings and thoughts.
7. Social studies have come to the fact that a man is more cooperative and kind when he is appreciated, and may meet the needs of any person, even those who hate him only if he is respected.
8. Only 30% of men learn through their father how to deal in marital relationships, while 70% of men learn this self-reliant without using a specific person.

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