Actions you Might Think are Normal but Hurt the Feelings of a Man without Knowing

You may hear someone saying, “We men are not easily affected, and we are not affected by things that have to do with feelings.” But the truth is the opposite. A man can deny that he is not affected by a certain event or things you say, Was not affected negatively and you did not hurt his feelings, and next time try to avoid these things, which can injure the feelings of the man without knowing.
01 – contempt for the work of men
In general, a man’s work is part of his life, and a woman must respect this, especially if she has been associated with him in advance and learns that he is doing this work.
A woman should ask respectfully about his work and how he spent his day at work, especially if the husband loves this work and appreciates what he does, and should avoid his criticism, especially in front of friends and family.
02 – the stature of his gift
If a man is not sick, and he is a psychopath who is subject to certain standards of treatment, he will not fail to provide all that is necessary, and his inability to meet some needs does not mean that he refuses to do so.
Women must be supportive of men, support them in overcoming physical and emotional hardships, and avoid the stinginess of their gifts.
03 – Laughter from its shape
Some women may think that men are not sensitive to their outward appearance, making them comfortable in criticizing some apparent or internal defects, such as body hair.
Believe it or not, the man always tries to look nice in your opinion. To avoid hurting a man’s feelings, try to discuss things that you do not like well, such as helping him to get rid of some problems instead of criticizing them badly.

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