British Study Warns Against Using Smart Phones While Eating

A Canadian study confirmed that people who use their phones in conjunction with eating food or talking with friends are actually less enjoying these precious times they actually do.
With the terrible proliferation of smart phones in our lives, it is taking more of our lives than ever before. Everyone is living two worlds at the same time, distracting attention and focusing on the important things in our lives.
According to the Web site “Independent”, according to an experiment conducted at the restaurant Vanufer, 300 of its visitors filled out a questionnaire after asking some of them to keep their phones on the table with the activation of voice notifications for the phone, while the rest of the call to put their phones on silent mode, .
People who were allowed to use their phones during dinner had more trouble staying alert, enjoying their meal, enjoying talking to their friends, and others who put the phone aside were actually more enjoying their food and supper, the study concluded.

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