Eating at Night Before Bed Bad for Your Brain and Not just Body shape

American scientists confirm that eating at night before bed (beyond 9 am) negatively affects the intellectual functions of the brain and not just the shape and strength of the body.
A group of scientists from the University of California, USA, came up with exciting facts after experiments they had on laboratory mice. They divided the mice into two groups. Group 1 ate “between 21:00 and 03:00” at night in two weeks and group 2 fed in the morning after nine (Note that the rats of the two groups were sleeping at the same time)
There were negative processes in the brain of the mice of the first group, as they could not sleep at night normally and disturbed their daily rhythm significantly. The bodies of these mice began to produce “proteins” differently, including those responsible for memory and knowledge.
In principle, the results of these experiments can be applied to humans, scientists said.
Similar previous studies have confirmed that people who eat food at night are the least able to solve thought-provoking issues, and that the daily rhythm with which the body works is disturbed by the effect of some chemical compounds found in food.