Five Easy Ways To Make You Reach The Number 100 in The Push-Ups

If you think it is difficult to reach the number 100 in the pressure exercise, you must correct this belief. The fitness experts offer easy steps and steps during the training process, making you reach 100 for a maximum of six weeks.
Before we mention the methods, stress exercises should be performed well by:
Hands: lift the shoulders evenly.
Face: Look straight ahead 10 feet from your position.
Foot: Stand straight and leave a little distance between your legs.
Elbows: Bend the arms up to the elbows at a “90 °” angle.
Here are the ways to follow the number 100 in the exercise pressure:
Start Right:
Fitness experts recommend starting on the first day about 3 groups of pressure exercise for each group that you do maximum number of clicks (repetitions).
In general, most individuals are initially able to make 10 compression per group, but with increased practice and repetition they can quickly increase this number gradually to reach 25 times per group in the same week, and then with the end of the six weeks they reach 100 times a time One of the pressure exercises.
You have to balance the number of clicks you make, meaning that when you start to make 10 to 50 keystrokes at an equal speed, this will help you reach more clicks over time.
Many people make a big mistake when they start at top speed in the first 20 or 30, so they are unable to complete the 100 pressure,
Experts are advised to start calmly and evenly without giving all the energy at first, then with repetition from time to time the same person will find the number increasing from time to time.
Change exercise type:
When you change the type of pressure exercise to another type, such as “push by arms”, “push with jump” and “spider man mode”. This will make you increase the number of clicks on a daily basis, so you may find yourself increasing at least 6 compression a day.
In each new exercise group, your muscles begin to exercise again, and this process is generally considered to be one of the most powerful drivers for reaching 100 strokes at a time.
Gradually increase speed:
The person who is able to work 60 pressure continuously and does not feel tired, this indicates the strength of the muscles and may reach this result because he is gradually trying to increase the speed of performing the maximum number of clicks at a time each time and increase gradually.
Taking breaks during the practice of pressure exercises:
It is impossible to reach 100 continuous pressure from the first time without taking a break between the groups for the individual of your arms and taking your breath, processing the body to continue in practice is a necessary step and lead you to work a greater number of clicks from the previous time because it works to renew your mind.
In the end, the real purpose of reaching 100 is to be understood. It is not only to achieve this figure, but the primary goal is to train yourself to challenge, perseverance, patience and victory. In the end, you think it is impossible to reach this figure and turn this impossible into reality. Achieve. No doubt it will help you to be more focused on succeeding in everything in your life.

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