How do I understand my fiance?

Accept it as it is

In order for the girl to understand the man must accept him as he is and not to try to change something of his personality, his personality is his own, and that such attempts only lead to a dead end with the other party, Helps with household matters.
 Understanding his way of thinking

 Men think in a way that is completely different from women. Their way of thinking is simpler and more straightforward than women. Men say almost everything they think, and this is reflected in a change of tone between ridicule or spontaneous speech. So the man needs to be clear and easy with the other side. He can delight a woman when she responds to what he does to her happiness.

Know his fears

In order to build a healthy and healthy relationship, it is important to understand each other’s concerns. This helps to overcome them. Understanding these concerns will enhance mental and emotional health and build and develop the normal personality of both parties.

 Know his ambitions
 In order for the girl and the man to understand each other and build a true relationship, they must know each other’s ambitions and provide support and support to achieve these ambitions. Not only that, but it is important that the parties share the same aspirations and goals, such as ambition in traveling, living or working.

 He understood his anger
The way a man behaves at the time of his anger is one of the aspects that a girl must try to understand in her fiance. The man’s way of dealing with his rage is different from the woman. Most men tend to withdraw from the other side and feel the need to survive alone. The girl should understand that in the man, and leave him enough space to regain his balance without taking things personally.

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