How do you Make your Child Listen to your Words and do Whatever you ask for?

The eternal question posed by most mothers: How do I make my son listen to my words? In fact, many parents suffer from rebellious children and disobedience and not to listen to their words and orders permanently and this behavior may turn into a real problem to be solved, so each father and mother must search for some modern methods of education that help them make their children sound, Details of this subject.
– Some parents resort to shouting and raise their voices as a way to make the son listen to them. This method is wrong and everyone who uses it must stay away from it because even if the child is young, the screaming will not affect him positively. On the contrary, the father may deliberately resist and become a feature in his personality. If the son is great, the yelling may attract him to the other ways. Even if the yelling comes as a result of a period of time, be sure that it will not last long, and that the high sound negatively affects the character of the son is causing weakness in his personality.
– Every father and mother resort to calm and use the method of dialogue Resin, and talk to the son softly and calmness and seriousness and clarity and make him aware of his actions and clarify that it is wrong. When the son realizes the words of his parents and is convinced of their words, he will obey them and implement what they ask without opposition, and this is the successful education.

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