How Sadness AND Emotions Influence Decision-Making

There is no doubt that happiness is a requirement for everyone. Everyone loves to live happily in his life and not to face miserable and sad situations and lives. But you will be shocked to learn that there are some studies that have found that there is a benefit for those unhappy people who are exposed to difficult situations permanently.
The study was conducted by the University of Michigan about a year ago and was conducted on more than 700 students between the ages of 21 and 36 and was meant to know people’s ability to persevere and choose the right decisions and take them when exposed to sad news.
The results of the study showed that 70% of those who had the experience increased their concentration when exposed to difficult situations, making them better to choose well and study things well.
Thus, this study confirms that difficult situations are achieved for the balanced state of the person. A person who is exposed to difficult or sad situations is more successful in choosing the correct positions and avoids rushing to make important decisions.
It should be noted that a study carried out in 2016 in Germany came to the same results, where it confirmed that the sad person is more stable than the person who is overwhelmed by joy.

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