If you are OBESE, Some important tips that help

Obesity has become a global problem and is no longer confined to the North because of the change in our diets and our habits of consumption. Some psychological factors are also becoming a new factor. According to studies in the United States of America, 8 out of 10 people feel stressed. So we offer you a set of tips that can be helpful in this regard.

1. Hard diets
Strict diets can reduce weight in record time. However, it should be noted that the need to try to find a balance of food, consisting of vegetables and fruits, and the need to stay away from vegetables full of calories, such as potatoes or carrots. The body in this case consumes stored fat on the body. You can get your ideal body in a few months.
2 – Effect of fat
Not only fats are responsible for weight gain, starches also have a big role, so consumption should reduce some of the substances that contain such as rice, bread or potatoes. Fast food has the same effect on the body as it contains high proportions of fat and carbohydrates.
3- Three meals only
Eat three meals a day, with no meal. These meals must be balanced in terms of nutrients. Breakfast should be richer, then followed by the food meal be moderate compared to breakfast, then the dinner meal will be low-calorie.
4. Exercise
Regular exercise contributes significantly to the burning of excess fat. But in the early stages may be very difficult, because of the reduction of muscle mass with the extra weight, in this case can contribute to water sports to deal with the situation to a large extent, if it is, then comes the second stage, which is running sport, being the most sport you can That burns a lot of fat.
5. Bathing with cold water
Bathing with cold water stimulates the body to release energy, thus burning fat. If it is difficult, start with warm water and then gradually cool it. Showering with cold water stimulates the body’s energy throughout the day.
6 – Eating analgesic pain
Tension, according to a specialist, causes anorexia, due to sharpening of the senses and muscle tension, and thus feeling hungry, during intermittent periods, resulting in a diet full of fats and sugars. Eating causes a kind of partial numbness and relaxation. Therefore, obese people often resort to eating because of their sense of tension. Stress also makes it difficult to get rid of excess weight. What is required in this context is the search for inner peace and the coolness of nerves.

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