If your Partner is Stubborn you Have 8 Steps to Deal with

Conscientiousness is one of the worst qualities of a person. It may happen that your lover and partner are so stubborn that he sticks to his mind no matter how hard you try to convince him, even though he knows he is wrong. He may refuse to listen to you and misunderstand you. For this we will give you in this subject some steps that help you to deal with stubborn love:
Choose words carefully:
In order to get positive results and avoid any problems, choose words carefully when talking to him and make sure that you do not blame him or that he is wrong and stubborn as this will raise his anger and make him more stubborn. You have to develop a specific strategy to chat with them in a cool and gracious manner.
Choose the right time:
When you want to talk to him, you should choose the right time and place for this. Avoid talking to him in his busy times, preferably talking to him in private and very calm with the need to keep the tone of your voice quiet, and make your words stem from the heart and honest and face to face.
Respect for ideas:
Do not stop praising him and must be respected and appreciation of his ideas and admiration and not to describe that his ideas silly for example or not useful. If you do these things, you will have a feeling that you appreciate, love and respect him and will make him quiet to you, which may allow you to suggest some adjustments to his style and ideas.
Avoid the rush:
If your partner becomes involved during your discussion, you must control yourself, stop arguing and minimize your impulse, and try to get away from it a bit, like going somewhere else to empty your anger and negative feelings and then return to complete the discussion calmly.

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