In order to Successfully Raise Children, 4 Things Parents should Not do, Know them

Every father and mother in this life is keen to raise their children well and good education in order to be good people in the future and successful in their scientific and practical life. But in order for them to succeed in this and for their upbringing to be correct, they must stay away from many styles during their upbringing. We present to you in this subject some of the commandments recommended by several scholars of the Fathers for a successful and correct education.
Threat of abandonment:
Unfortunately, some parents are constantly threatening their children with the words “I’ll go and leave you alone” which is always what we see and hear. That’s why Alan Sroff, a psychiatrist at the University of Minnesota, says that telling a child about this phrase creates a very negative effect within him and makes his safety component unstable, creating a worried personality that is afraid to be