Know the Importance of Siesta in making the Right Decisions

The stresses of daily life make the person more troubled and anxious, due to changes in our daily habits, such as irregular sleep hours, or ready-made foods. It is therefore necessary to reconsider these habits and try to evaluate them. In this context we recognize the importance of siesta to our health in general:
Some new research has confirmed the importance of siesta in re-balancing the body in general, and concentrating our brains in particular. Due to the regeneration of our bodies after a period of morning effort. According to British newspaper The Sun.
Another study by the University of Bristol, the British, that the nap for a few minutes helps to think properly and calm, which reduces the percentage of errors that can tarnish the decision.
The study involved 16 people, who subjected them to a series of decision-making experiments in cases where they did not sleep, and the state of nap. They found that decisions made in naps are more wise and rational.
The conclusion is that regular sleep has a positive effect on mental health, so it is advisable to sleep enough hours, and at the right times. But it should be noted that siesta is controlled by the hour when the owner wakes up, it is impossible to sleep siesta that wakes up in the middle of the day

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