Learn about the severe consequences and negative effects of persistent marital differences

There is no doubt that the man differs from his wife in the interests  which may create some differences during the marital relationship, but these differences must be transitory to be resolved quickly before the situation worsens further, as the aggravation eventually lead to the emergence of effects Negative control of the marital relationship at the end. It is necessary for every man and woman to know about the negative effects that marital disputes can cause, as follows:
Emotional coldness and dryness:
If the problems and disagreements are not resolved immediately, it accumulates on the emotions of both parties and creates a cold and dry in them, and this cold will kill marital life and enjoyment gradually and makes the atmosphere prevail in the house, which may make one of the parties thinking of separation from the other. From here, you should get rid of and solve problems quickly.
The aversion:
After the previous influence (emotional chill), there will be a state of aversion between the two partners where the person alienates from his partner and away from him and avoid contact with and participation activities and feelings, and this is contrary to the foundations of married life, which is based on the spirit of partnership between the parties, Its place is emotional emptiness and selfishness.

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