LeBron James opens a school for the kids disadvantaged in the u. s.

James was greeted to have created a school which will welcome 240 children in trouble in his home town.

LeBron James shows a big heart. Recently transferred in Los Angeles Lakers, the star of the NBA distinguished herself on Monday by opening the first school financed by her eponym foundation. Baptized “I Promise” , she will welcome from the next comeback 240 children meeting financial difficulties. His rent is not other than the home town of “King James” Akron, in the suburb of Cleveland, capital of Ohio.

The triple champion of NBA qualified on his account Twitter the opening of his school “as one most great moments of his life, if it is not the biggest”. He added: “it means many things

The former Cleveland Cavaliers winger has used his personal experience to found this school, which will initially host 3rd and 4th grade students, equivalent to CE2 and CM1: “I know exactly what these kids are going through. I am lucky to be able to make things happen so I want people to know that these children will always have the opportunity to succeed like everyone else, “he said in the inaugural address.

This action was widely praised on social media by the hashtag #MoreThanAnAthlete (“More than an athlete”). Internet users do not hesitate to praise the one who is considered a “model” and “an inspiration”. Even his big rival Stephen Curry, game leader of the Golden State Warriors, called the operation “just incredible”.

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