Reflexology: the best cure for stress

Summer is still here and even if the cravings of cocooning and hygiene give way to the desire for picnic and ballad under the cherry blossoms, stress can still be present. Reflexology can help us come to terms with our body with the benefit of being a non-invasive and gentle practice.
Reflexology is sometimes bad press because we often hear people who have tested it that it hurts, that it is painful and uncomfortable. But in fact there is not only one reflexology, there are even two: Chinese and Western.
The Western current of reflexology is inspired by the scientific advances we have made on the brain. Thanks to this we know that the brain has a reward axis. Thus, if we lavish several times (3 to 5 times depending on the person) relaxing massage, he understands that we seek to do him good and so we can stimulate the reflex points without pain, gently.

How to fight stress through reflexology?

As soon as we put our hands on the body thousands of receivers come to collect the sensory information. The secret skin of endorphins. It is through them that the touch, the massage can bring us a feeling of well being, a soothing effect. The stress we experience is often the cause of functional disorders that are difficult to treat other than by relaxing. Reflexology can help us reconnect with ourselves. Thanks to this encompassing and relaxing touch it is possible to feel present to oneself.
For us, reflexologists, the whole body, all the organs are represented on the feet, on the hands and on the face. As a result, during massages, your whole body relaxes. This is also why at the end of the massage, before you get up we invite you to stretch, to yawn if possible (as yoga) and to circulate the energy before you get up all slowly. It is possible then to feel a little flagada but after a good night’s sleep you will feel in top form.
How does a reflexology session take place?

During a reflexology massage there is also a lymphatic drainage maneuver that detoxifies the body and whose stimulation improves health. Indeed, the purpose of the massage being to dislodge toxins that can prevent our bodies from working well the drainage helps to evacuate them later. So I would advise you to drink a lot more water than usual following a reflexology massage or relaxing herbal teas based on star anise.
For your well being it is possible to add essential oils during the massage. Like peppermint, for example, which in summer brings freshness and helps for heavy legs. Or in winter it ravinstara to boost the immune defenses.
The use of reflexology does not cure but allows to remain in good health. A session is therefore recommended at each change of season, to revive the self-healing functions of the body.


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