Romantic Amounts and 7 Other Qualities Hate Women. Does it apply to you?

Each woman differs from the other in thinking, in the way they choose the right man, and because the subconscious controls our choices as human beings very much, the way the origin and composition of the subconscious makes these choices vary, but there are some fundamental points agreed by women in general, As a result of the lack of association with one of these points are as follows.
Let us put a point on the letter. This character is not loved by anyone. Not to mention that the person who is supposed to be chosen by a woman is a partner to her life, so this is one of the worst traits that one can have. Money must be in your pocket, not in your heart.
Emotional sums
Love, passion and romance are fun and beautiful, but there is something else that a woman loves more than romance and passion is to be confident and independent.
Neglecting cleanliness
Personal hygiene is one of the foundations of an individual’s life in the society and the foundations of his acceptance by the other, no one will want to kiss you while smelling foul from your mouth
If you have this problem: Here are the supposed solutions for you to get rid of the smell of mouth
Do not lend a hand
It is true that you work outside the house (presumptive) and that you return tired in the evening, but that does not mean that you have finished your duty. If you work 8 hours a day, the wife works nonstop, so it is not nice to ask you to help. It is provided by you automatically.
Pathological jealousy
Nothing gives a special tone to love more than jealousy. It is jealousy that makes you feel the real desire not to be able to leave someone else, but the jealousy of illness in return makes you nervous, intolerable, sickening jealousy, restricting freedoms, causing choking on the other side, Among the most intolerable qualities.
Vanity drives the owner to fall in failure, vanity increases the amount of himself and inflate himself, and end it in the problems greater than it, there is a large difference between arrogance and self-confidence, so beware of falling in this trap.
Vanity is a recipe nobody likes.
The liar
Even lying white as it is called, is hated, and may be placed in a position where you choose between telling the truth and bear the consequences, or lie and get rid of it, every time you choose to tell the truth, because it may lead to the purity of hearts and forget the problem after the debate around, But lies hurt feelings when exposed.
The lover of routine
Routine is considered to be the first destructive relationship, and the disaster is if you like the routine and sit at home to watch television, while your partner likes to go out on a picnic and do activities inside or outside the house so try to always renew your relationship, and create vitality and activity.

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