Something amazing happens to your body when you hear the name of the person you love

There are those who believe that love comes from the first look, and there are those who say that familiarity and cohabitation is the one who generates love, and between this and this, lovers stay in the middle enjoying the time, and the love that brings the parties in between,
Love makes you feel as if you are an addict. You may feel that your stomach is not good. In a study of 700 people, the chest, stomach, and head are the most affected.
One of the things that tells you that you love someone is that hearing you name makes you feel a few things move your feelings, what you feel him several justifications.
When you hear the person you love, the first thing you notice is a sudden increase in heart rate, as your subconscious mind has identified a special position for that person, so that the heart beats automatically.
This acceleration is usually the secretion of the hormone noradrénaline. In addition, this hormone is behind the feeling, confusion and high temperature of the body and can also lead to sweating and dry mouth and stuttering speech and feeling embarrassed.

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