Studies Reveal the Appropriate Age for men’s Marriage and its impact on health, know it

What is the best age for a man’s marriage? Every man has a different view. There are those who believe that early marriage is much better than late marriage after the age of 30 because of its many benefits, and there are those who see the opposite. But there have been some statistics and studies that determine the appropriate age and best for a man’s marriage.
The right age for a man’s marriage:
Some statistics show that the best age for a man’s marriage is 25 years of age, as the divorce rate of those who marry this age is 50% lower than those who married at a lower age. The man is more stable in that age in terms of material, has acquired experience and experience in life and knowledge and knowledge of his future goals and more clear in his plans, and may be more self-knowledge as he has spent enough time to reach mental and psychological stability.

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