The beginning of the emergence of white hair in young age is a guide to 3 unexpected things .. Discover Them

The appearance of white hair in young age, although it gives a lot of respect and respect for the person as well as elegant exterior, (We have already published information in the same context confirms that the emergence of gray may be a sign of the work of the immune system well) However, recent studies revealed other things, They are as follows:

1) Heart disease:
A recent study by researchers at the European Association of Preventive Heart Disease confirmed that the appearance of white hair may indicate early onset of heart disease in the early stages;
So if you have a large proportion of white hair, it is best to check your doctor for reassurance.
2) Vitamin deficiency:
According to the National Library of Medicine, the appearance of white hair is a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency, which affects the body’s nerves, as well as evidence of a deficiency of D3, which causes hair loss to lose its natural color.

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