The night Patrick Mahomes became an elite NFL quarterback

Instead of writing this on Monday, I wanted to wait until we saw Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs head into Denver for their Monday night football contest. I’m thrilled I waited because I want to talk about what I saw Monday night in Denver between two bitter rivals.

Pat Mahomes has officially arrived. That’s obvious now. Last season he played well in Denver for a Week 17 matchup against a Broncos team that wasn’t trying all. Then, Chiefs traded Alex Smithto Washington in early February, clearing the way for Mahomes to be the full-time quarterback. We all knew he had the arm and the skills to make him an above-average starter, but questions still lingered about his ability to make the transition from his college air raid offense to the Andy Reid’s West Coast offense.

Reports out of St. Joseph, Missouri, during training camp focused on multiple interceptions each day, enough to worry some folks. I checked in into these reports, and, while true, the interceptions were nothing to worry about. Mahomes was being aggressive and Reid was throwing so much at him that it led to mix ups with his teammates on the receiving end. In the preseason, Mahomes looked right on schedule and ready for his 2018 debut in Los Angeles against the Chargers, but questions still lingered about his readiness for this offense and his ability to perform in pressure situations.

All Mahomes did in the first three weeks of the season was throw for 13 touchdowns, no interceptions, complete 67 percent of his passes for 896 yards. Mahomes looks like a seasoned veteran before the snap; he’s never caught off guard by a defense.

He lead the No. 1 scoring offense to wins against the Chargers and Steelers on the road, and the 49ers at home. But, despite his roaring start, the Chiefs were playing from ahead and their offense had almost no issues. It looked too easy. Was that something the Chiefs could sustain throughout the season?

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