The secret to Microsoft Azure’s success? Finding the correct customers to make for

Microsoft government Scott troubadour ought to get credit for several things, together with the success of Azure and, before that, .Net. The issue that troubadour arguably has done best, however, has nothing to try to to with a specific technology, and everything to try to to with a specific approach to assembling technology.

In his words, it’s all regarding “getting laser-focused on client wants and [making] your customers super, super happy, ” troubadour same in an interview with Business corporate executive.

But not all of one’s customers, and that is the key.

Netflix, yes. Blockbuster, no

Guthrie’s secret isn’t abundant of a secret–everyone talks regarding specializing in client desires. The distinction between nice corporations and also-rans, however, is however well a corporation will deliver on those client desires.

Oh, and that customers they care most regarding.

For example, during this same interview, ballad maker spoke regarding the work Microsoft did with Netflix to induce Silverlight (and video streaming) right. however at identical time, he was talking with Blockbuster regarding identical things. Blockbuster, not like Netflix, did not create a heavy play in streaming video, and went out of business shortly thenceforth. Microsoft possible created more cash from Blockbuster than Netflix, however it had been Netflix that established the superior guide to wherever Microsoft’s technology required to travel.

This looks obvious looking back, however I doubt it had been thus clear at the time. in a {very} very Clay Christensen Innovator’s quandary variety of method, our greatest customers area unit typically our worst enemies once it involves seeing the longer term, and building for it. In making certain that these high-end customers area unit “super, super happy,” we are able to unknowingly over-engineer our merchandise tillwe tend to become “super, super bankrupt.”

Customers within the plural

One way to make sure that this fixation with many customers does not sidetrack a merchant is to try and do as ballad maker has done: perpetually meet with and poll a range of shoppers. As he has engineered out the Azure business, his focus has been on wanting to real client desires, then thinking back on Microsoft’s distinctive, differentiated means of meeting those desires.

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