The Seventh Year After your Marriage may Cause your Divorce! Beware of them!

It is rumored that the first year after marriage is the toughest and most dangerous marital relationship that governs whether the marriage will continue or it will end, but a recent study to deny this and say that couples stand at a crossroads after 7 years of marriage!
The study says that the seventh year after marriage is the most dangerous year in the marital relationship and couples have two options either divorce or continuity in a strong relationship and strong.
For decades and years, experts and philosophers have discussed the effect and reality of the number seven on the continuation or absence of relations. Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher who suggested that all human beings change their mind and body after every 7 years of their life!
In this context, studies say that couples after 7 years of marriage, feel a sense of discomfort from the routines of marital life and boredom and a great desire to escape the responsibility of children and home, so we find many relationships end after this period. Larry Currick, a professor of psychology, sees the amount of emotion a person drops after 4 years of marriage and 7 years later. But on the other hand, many scientists rejected this issue and refused to have the number 7 is the articular mark.
There is a British study conducted earlier that says that one year after marriage will be able to end the relationship or continuation, as the testosterone drops in men after this period, which is considered to determine the strength of this relationship and the chance of continuity, and coincides with the crisis of middle age, which creates in the Both men and women feel dissatisfied with what they have achieved in their lives. They want a more exciting life with another partner, which gives the woman a sense of remorse for her decision to marry and compares herself with her companions. The husband finds himself spending a lot of money on the house and the children. F Many cases.

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