The Strangest Way to Lose Weight in The World

Chinese man Kong Yan attracted glenn to the attention of many social networking leaders after he mentioned his unconventional experience in weight loss where he was able to lose weight significantly reached 30 kg in 3 years by carrying the weight on his head and walk long distances, Follow the following article for details.

Kong Yan of Glenn lives in China at the age of 54, suffered a lot of excess obesity where he was weighing 115 pounds while he was 163 cm long and that means he was obese, he decided to get rid of obesity to maintain his health.

A strange way to slim the body in China
Many advised him to take diet pills to get rid of excess weight, but he rejected this idea to lose weight, and decided to get rid of excess weight through the exercise hard to reduce the body without harming public health.

His walking experience in China’s Jilin Gardens began a small distance and weighed 15 kg on the head. With time, he thought of increasing the distance he traveled daily in the gardens with the weight he carried on his head for about 30 kg.

This is a real story, not a fantasy. This man of life has achieved his goal and lost weight in an unconventional way. He is looking forward to getting into the Guinness Book of Records. He is trying to achieve a record of wandering the Chinese streets carrying concrete loads on his head. Are you ready to experience this method of loss? Your weight or fear of ridicule others.


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