This man can never forget the woman, discovered his qualities and who is

According to a study by a social and women’s affairs center in São Paulo, a woman may remember a certain man despite many years, and she may never forget it. The reason lies in the impact he leaves on her. It remains in her memory for a long time.

There are people who can live with them for many years, but memory can erase them completely. While others may meet with them on a very short occasion, and yet continue to remember for a long time.

“This is a mystery to the mysteries of life,” said the study’s experts.

Who is this man who can not forget the woman and stay in her memory for a long time?

The man who expressed the position of gentleman and maintained honor:
Based on a survey of 8,000 women, the study found that most women can not – and not in any way – forget men who kept their honor in a position where women were weak.
The participating women emphasized that they still remembered men who had shown respectful attitudes towards them for many years. These men did not exploit the weakness of women in certain situations and expressed noble and humane attitudes without any purpose or purpose.
The study concluded that a serious man who helps a mentally tired woman raise her spirits, does not exploit her in situations of weakness, saves her from a difficult position without pay, and then disappears for a reason, lasts for a long time and can not easily be forgotten.

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