What is Intelligence really?

We may hear the phrase “you are intelligent” that resonates a lot among people. This may be a compliment to someone who has earned the upper mark at school, or someone who has solved a difficult question. But is this the true definition of intelligence?
Intelligent defines us as a wise, prudent, quick-witted and capable of solving intractable problems. But in fact he did not agree on a specific definition of intelligence, but he was defined by different psychologists and each has his point of view.
Terman believes the American psychologist is the ability to think abstract while his partner opposed him in the symposium in 1921 and stressed his opinion that it is able to learn and give good answers and convincing of the questions, on the other hand, scientists say that intelligence is affected by the ability to adapt to the medium.
Another factor, such as the gifted syndrome in autism patients, or factor G, is that intelligence is measured by testing. Robert Sternberg believes that intelligence has different aspects, creative, practical and analytical intelligence, and others, .. They believe that intelligence is not one thing, but it has several aspects.
Howard Gardner classifies intelligence into eight types:
Language intelligence:
Language and writing skills and ability to learn languages.
Logical or mathematical intelligence:
Ability to deal with numbers and solve mathematical dilemmas.
Musical Intelligence:
The skills of playing, composing music and understanding the world.
Vacuum Intelligence:
Analyzing and understanding the visual world and solving visual problems
Motor Intelligence:
Such as dancing, flexibility or sport.
Emotional intelligence:
Understanding others, empathizing with them, being able to deal with others around you and being socially intelligent.
Personal intelligence:
Understanding self and appreciation as a brief definition.
Nature :
Skill and ability to understand the natural world.

After discussing this subject, what do you think you are? What is intelligence in your opinion? And what kind of the above are you skilled at?

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