Why are chocolate toxic and deadly to dogs?

Can you imagine that the chocolate that millions of people add to the world may be poisonous to dogs? If a small dog takes a large amount of them, it will become deadly for him. What is the secret behind this?
The secret lies in the toxicity of chocolate for dogs in containing a chemical compound called theobromine. For us as humans, our bodies deal with this compound in the same way as caffeine, but the bodies of dogs can not deal with theobromine, which causes it to suffer for 12 hours after eating a small amount of chocolate, then symptoms begin to appear on them, Fever, increased breathing speed, heart rate, diarrhea, vomiting, and seizures.
It is noteworthy that the proportion of theobromine complex varies from chocolate type to another, dark chocolate contains 1.4% of it, while chocolate milk contains only 0.02% of theobromine.
Suppose your dog’s weight is 20 kg, it will be poisoned if you eat 2.7 kg of chocolate milk, or only 450 grams of dark chocolate! So if you have a dog, always try to keep the chocolate away from it and not put it on the table.
If your dog has eaten chocolate and has symptoms, you should take it directly to your veterinarian without delay. If you can not, and you can not do it for strong conditions, you can give it a hydrogen peroxide drink which will cause it to vomit and may decrease the theobromine in your body until you go to the pet.

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