Why are Scientific Experiments Conducted on Experimental Mice Specifically? Science answers

There is no doubt that you have noticed that the scientific tests conducted in the labs – for example, the experiment of drugs and drugs or the study of their effectiveness and to ensure that they are safe and sound and do not cause any complications – are largely on the experimental mice alone, as they represent 95% of the total animals the exams. What is the reason why scientists use these animals for scientific purposes and see them as more appropriate than others?
Easy to control and size:
The first is the ease of control of these animals, which are considered obedient, peaceful and inherent in nature and do not hurt, and this means that dealing with them does not require a certain skill.
The size of the small mice is not an obstacle to their placement in laboratories and laboratories, as it is enough to provide cages or basins to put them inside. The researcher is not difficult to control when examined because of their small size.
Biological similarity:
In fact, the fact that mammalian rats make their biological composition very similar to human composition. Thus, the application of scientific experiments and drugs and control of the results will answer the questions of researchers about their effects on humans. Thus, the effect of the same drugs on humans can be deduced through experiments on Mice. For example, many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure and immunodeficiency have been studied in mice to determine whether they are effective in controlling their effect on small animals.
Short life:
In fact, the biological similarity with humans is not everything. There are monkeys that are also very similar to humans, but the reason why scientists prefer mice to others is their short life cycle, as they do not live more than two or three years; Allowing scientists to monitor and monitor the impact of regimens across generations in a short period of time.
Low Cost:
Of course, research and scientific centers and laboratories around the world seek to economize on the cost and costs of research. Therefore, mice are considered the best solution because they can be imported at the lowest cost because they are cheap and care and care is not as expensive as other larger laboratory animals.

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