Why Cry When Cutting Onions?Here’s the Answer

There are those who hate to cut the onions just because they caused our tears and tears to fall through their cutting. But have you ever wondered why we shed tears when we cut? Here’s the answer.
In order to understand why your tears have fallen while chopping onions, you must first understand the composition of the latter. Onions and garlic also belong to a plant species called Allium, where the plants that belong to this species absorb the sulfur found in the soil during the period of their growth, and when they break down and break down the cells inside the onion, which releases and secrete some enzymes that interact with the sulfur is a compound called “acid sulfoxide Amino acid, “this compound also triggers the release of an unstable gas compound called syn-propanethial-S-oxide, which reaches your eyes and causes you to burn and then tears fall. This gaseous compound is in fact a mixture of sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid and hydrogen sulfide.
In order to understand why your body reacts with tears, when a brain signal that there is irritating contact with the eye and exactly the lacrimal glands located above the eyelids, the brain gives a signal to remove the irritant by releasing tears. But if you cook onions and then try to cut it, it will not cause your eyes to irritate. The reason is that cooking heat disrupts and destroys the enzymes responsible for the composition of the tear-gas receptor.
Easy ways to cut without tears:
– Put onions in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, the cold slows down the speed of the interaction of enzymes with sulfur, which reduces the composition of gaseous compounds.

– You can use a fan, as cutting it near the fan helps to disperse volatile gases and keep them away from your eyes.

– You can cut the onions under the water faucet as the water dissolves the compound irritating to the eyes before reaching your eyes.

– Or you can cook onions and then cut it as the heat disrupts the work of enzymes.

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