Why is Making Gifts Essential to the Success of Relationships?

Gifts play an important role in strengthening human relations among individuals as a means of consolidating ties, rejecting love, and spreading love and affection among people. Their presentation is important for the safety and strength of relations. But the mistake of the majority is that they determine the value of the gift according to its monetary value, and this is wrong, if presenting a symbolic symbolic thing has magical results and a stronger effect than an expensive gift. In this regard, we will review the importance of gifts and their impact on human relations.
Consolidation of relations:
When someone presents someone else with a gift, he tries to communicate his feelings, gratitude, love and appreciation to the other. The introduction and exchange of gifts between people contributes to the strengthening of relations between individuals and strengthens them and strengthens their bonds and increases their strength. This is recommended by Islam, which calls for love among people.
Avoiding problems:
Gifts can be counter to problems and disturbances. Giving gifts is material evidence of the person’s passion for the other. There is no relationship or relationship of love or love without unrest, but the stronger and stronger the relationship, the more capable To address the winds of transient differences, so the gift can be considered as a vaccine against the emergence of disagreement.
Beautiful memory:
We are all for the past and happen to be re-imagined and think about our memories in the old days over the past time, and there are those who spend a lot of time trying to restore the features of the moments of his lifetime passed through his mind. In fact, the gift can help you to retrieve your memories with ease and simplicity, since keeping them is a retention of the anniversary, and once you catch or see them, you remember the details of your beautiful memory, which will bring you back to the atmosphere where the gift was given to you. Cinema that saw its shows with lover, or kept his primary school books? You may find it trivial at first but if you thought well then you will find that the human doing this because he likes to keep his beautiful and best moments of his life.

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