You can increase the Secretion of the Hormone Happiness by taking these 07 Steps, Discover them

What is the fastest way to reach the human soul, depression or happiness? A question posed by a Brazilian study of the Cardozo Institute specializing in marital and social studies, and found that the answer is depression, as the disturbing things come quickly because they are complex and many and varied causes are complex, happiness requires a strong incentive to come.
Psychologists and social experts say the hormones that cause depression are not strong enough, as they do not shut up for long if they are confronted with hormones of happiness. For example, sadness, which is a symptom of depression, comes and disappears quickly if there are strong reasons for happiness come at the same time, for example when a person grieves the death of a relative, the feeling of sadness quickly fades if someone else give some advice that death is absolute and will affect Everyone .. As for the hormones of happiness is stronger and lasts longer and remains constant.
Some doctors believe that it is not possible to manipulate the secretion of hormones of depression being dark and not easily manipulated in the nervous system, while in contrast can be manipulated and increase the hormones of happiness significantly.
The study found that the hormones of happiness (about 10 hormones) can eliminate depression, especially in women as they respond more to emotions and feelings more than a man, and there are many natural methods without taking any medication, stimulate the increase secretion hormone happiness: Serotonin, Which improves the mental state of the person and improves his mood. These include:
Playing sports:
There is a strong relationship confirmed by scientists to the existence of the relationship of sport hormone happiness, and the most important exercises that increase the secretion of running, walking, swimming and exercises that rid the body of fatigue and fatigue.
The secret to making yoga a human feeling of inner peace and happiness is to expel it to anger, stress and increase the secretion of serotonin.

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